Jonathan Grant

Jonathan Grant is CEO of Speakserve. For many years he has been passionate about telecoms and transforming the way business professionals are connected globally through high-quality telephony. In 2011 he set out with a vision for establishing Speakserve as the ‘best conferencing & collaboration platform in the world’. Today, Jonathan is responsible for all commercial activities at Speakserve and has been instrumental in building our team, developing the company strategy and recently expanding Speakserve’s operations from the UK to the rest of Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

He started work as an Investment Banker for Kidder, Peabody and Chase Manhattan Bank from 1985 to 1993. On leaving the city in 1993, he bought his first business, Pirtek, a successful franchise operation which he sold in 2001. In 1999, he bought into Online Marketing, which became Premier Business Audio Limited, quickly growing to become the Europe’s leading provider of Call Handling and Business Audio Solutions. In 2005, he recognised the synergies between Premier Business Audio and the then embryonic NewVoiceMedia, and bought into the company, which was sold to Vonage in 2018.

Jonathan has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems & Computer Systems Technology from University of West England in Bristol.