Performance-driven call routing and active network management from Speakserve

Each month, we manage millions of calls on behalf of our customers. When a call goes well for them, there is a lot of pedalling that goes on behind the scenes to guarantee this quality. It’s imperative that all calls are intelligently routed to maximise performance and that we have a dedicated network operations team on hand to actively manage our networks to ensure a crisp audio experience whatever the time, location or scale of the call. Unlike other providers we switch off least cost routing and use only gold standard telco partners to help us achieve this.

How do we do it? 

We actively manage our network using daily audio testing and monitoring tools and combine this with customer feedback. These look at audio quality (PESQ) and signalling scores and drive how we work.

If we ever experience a performance issue we rigorously test and investigate our network and look for ways we can improve and source alternative network partners in the locations that you desire. All calls are also routed to the most local point of presence (PoP) to maximise call optimisation.

Why do we do it?

We know that audio quality is paramount for our clients and believe that every call matters. We know that conference calls are highly important and high value meetings that deserve the same high-quality care and attention that you should come to expect from any world-class meeting provider.


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