Meet Alice our AI

AI powered conference calls that drive performance, improve resilience and make your teams more efficient all from the cloud

Continuously optimising and driving performance in the cloud

From network performance through to background noise, and individual sound levels. Alice is the driving force behind our smart and agile software architecture. Making 1000s of smart decisions every minute based on the behaviour of the traffic across our network, tweaking and ensuring that each call gets the best quality possible.


Creating conversational transcriptions and more

Alice crunches the raw audio of the call and turns this into a conversational transcription of your call by identifying different participants as well as who is speaking and when. This can then be revisited and replayed at your convenience.

Your handy AI assistant

The next frontier of our development is focussed on how Alice can better support human decision making, simplifying the ways that your teams schedule and manage your calls. Whether it’s video, audio or VOIP we are looking at ways that Alice can make your future digital meeting experiences smarter and slicker.


Let Alice schedule a call for you using only a few details


Let Alice add events to your calendar


Let Alice provide timely updates and check the status of your call


Set reminders that help keep you on top of your meetings


Automate transcriptions, downloads and more


Use Alexa, Siri or google assistant to start or join a meeting


Remove other mundane tasks like sending out invites to your contacts