A secure and reliable enterprise ready conference solution designed for law

Enhance client, fee earner and secretary experiences with a high quality, cloud-based conference solution that makes your law business stand out from the pack

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Easy, crystal clear communication with clients and other counsels

Make sure that the next call you make is crystal clear, easy to use and meets all your compliance requirements


Speakserve Law Lion has been crafted with the needs of law professionals in mind. We’ve created a suite of easy to use law specific tools designed to help fee earners and their secretaries to make conference calling easy and guarantee that they have the quality of service that they deserve.


Smart delegation tools


Scheduling tools


Clever matter number referencing


HD call recording


AI powered transcriptions


Customisable matter numbers

Review HD call recordings and view complete transcriptions at the click of a button 

Leading legal and law companies choose Speakserve

Connecting global law firms

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Superior features tailored to legal firms

We take our world-class technology and tailor it to the needs of your organisation.

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Exceptional call experiences

With over 120+ locations, Tier 1 partners and multiple points of presence worldwide, you can be sure that you can connect with high quality audio, no matter the location.

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Call recording and transcriptions

Reduce case administration time by up to 5x with our HD call recording and smart transcription tools. Get an advantage by reviewing your calls immediately after your call using our easy to use analytics suite.

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Custom room types

Increase and decrease security settings and take advantage of our unique dial out features that allows you to call through chambers and speak with gatekeepers before bringing the right participants into the call. Create room profiles with names that make sense for your organisation.

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Your private cloud

Because we own our technology we have the technical flexibility to provide you with your own private and secure conference cloud that will integrate with your existing systems. You resume control over the features you need and everything is customised to work for your business.

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Custom security permissions

Let your IT team dictate how each individual user should access information with custom security options and tiered permissions including team management options that make sure that only the right people have access to the right data.

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Matter number referencing

Save time and improve efficiency by attaching matter numbers to each of your calls, aiding important audit requirements and helping you to make conferencing a cost neutral solution. (See more about integrations below)

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Smart delegation tools

Use our smart delegation tools to select the individual users that can manage calls for other users.  Create teams and custom permissions that allow a team manager to manage calls for multiple users, teams and divisions.

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Real time call activity

You don’t have to wait until the end of the month to know what the call usage and expenditure looks like for your law firm. Along with automated call summaries and attendee notes, you can access, filter and export your data in real time.


Quick AI powered transcriptions

Save crucial case administration time turning hours of call audio into highly accurate transcriptions immediately after call. Freeing up time for busy legal secretaries and providing a faster turn around for any transcriptions that will be used as attendance notes.

Integrate with practice management systems and more

If you’re looking at ways to simplify your business process and integrate systems? -  We can help. Because we own our technology and have an API – we can build new features and create helpful integrations between booking, practice management and account software systems of your choice.

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