One-click technology: getting you conferencing faster

Take a second to reflect on the last conference call you participated on. Ignore what the call was actually regarding and really think about the whole joining process, how complicated and time-consuming was it? If we’ve learned anything it’s that joining a call can be frustratingly slow with as much as 5 minutes spent trying to find the right access number, entering the digits on your keypad, entering the room number and participant PIN before you can actually join the conversation. Now imagine if everything could happen in a few clicks or even better, with one-click? Speakserve are committed to make every aspect of the conference call experience better. We wanted to make it easier and faster for business professionals across the world to communicate and collaborate with one another with simple processes that get them conferencing quicker, with less fuss and more convenience.

The conference call industry is notorious for making things more difficult than they need to be, and that’s why one-click is a real show stopper. Because more people are conferencing on the go using their mobiles, it makes sense that the whole joining process should be streamlined when using a mobile to join a call, allowing you to connect immediately by clicking a button on your email invitation. This increases productivity as time isn’t wasted away dialling numbers and entering PINs, instead your straight in allowing you to focus on the conversation. Moreover, you are joining the call in the best possible frame of mind (and mood) as opposed to feeling frustrated by the whole dial-in process should you or your participants encounter a problem.

How does one-click work?

Once you schedule a call through the portal, a personalised invitation with the call details will be sent to each participant. Within this email invitation, you will see a “click to join” button which when clicked, automatically dials the main access number included in the invitation and enters the room number and PIN required to get into the conference room. This means all that is left to do is for the participant to record their name and press the hash key – it’s that easy!

Is one-click new and does anyone else have it?

One-click is a new feature and a great alternative to the traditional dial-in method that so many people are familiar with (but don’t necessarily enjoy). We’re not the only provider to offer this joining method, but our version is a little different. For example, LoopUp enable their users to click a link to enter their meeting from their app, portal or email invite, but this requires you to type the phone number you want to join from before LoopUp will call you on that number to connect you to your meeting. While there is no dialling required you still have to undertake the administration effort of typing numbers, entering PINs etc. With Speakserve, one-click connects you to your meeting and does the dialling for you, with nothing to type or additional PINs to enter – its ultimate convenience you can trust!

Is it secure?

Security is important to our users which makes it even more important to us. Every feature we build is done with security front of mind and one-click is no different. It’s a secure method for joining conference calls because only participants invited to the call will receive an email invitation with the “click to join” button.

What if I don’t have a mobile?

One-click is designed to transform the way that you join a conference call from a mobile and while it is not possible for this feature to be used when using a landline phone there are other ways you can get conferencing quicker. The most obvious is to request a dial-out. Our smart dial-out tool works by calling your mobile or landline phone as soon as the call is about to start enabling you to join without delay and thus creating a more seamless joining experience.

Is it expensive?

The simple answer is no. It doesn’t cost anything to utilise the “click to join” button as it’s a simple joining tool we offer all users as standard.

With thousands of users making calls every day on our platform, it’s safe to say that one-click is being used frequently with confidence. It’s a feature that is vigorously tested to ensure its always working effectively so calls are never impacted by participants being unable to join using this method.  As we look towards the future, Speakserve are bringing even more ways to join your conference calls with everything from facial recognition to web RTC to QR codes, so soon you can pick the joining method that works for you and your business.

If you want a conference call tool that puts your convenience front and centre and allows you to get conferencing quicker, choose Speakserve. Sign up for a FREE trial today and try out one-click joining for yourself.

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