Event calls bring you ultimate control and visibility of your most important conference calls

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Managed Event Calls

Our web-based LiveCall Manager® tool brings ultimate control to traditional conference calls when you want to gather participants for a seamlessly planned, managed and executed experience.

Speakserve Event Calls provide you with the ability to monitor and manage your important events with ease, whether it's an earnings call or a major press announcement, you dont have to worry about lengthy registration processes or wait for a long list of participants to be put into the call.

Transforming the traditional Operator Assisted Call, Speakserve enables the host to control who can enter the call, who can speak and who is muted from an easy to use online LiveCall Manager® tool. An expert moderator may still be used if required, but the host has complete visibility whilst the call is in progress.

Call Manager Tool

Improve your meeting experience

LiveCall Manager® runs on your desktop to provide an integrated and professional meeting experience.


  • Pre Registration Info Requests
  • Schedule and invite
  • Dial out

Entering the call

  • One Click Entry
  • Personalise Greetings
  • Call View

During the call

  • Call Lock
  • Manage participants
  • Q and A

Post Call

  • Participant List
  • Call Recordings
  • Post Call Business Analysis

Post Call Management

A conference call service isn’t just about what happens before or during your call. Post call management is often a neglected aspect of the event conference call but with a range of features we ensure you can make the most of your conference.

  • Attendee Report – Receive a list of all participants with any gathered information during registration, as soon as the call has ended.
  • Call Recording – Stream or download a sound file of your meeting. Recap on important points and make the recording available to anyone who missed the meeting.
  • Voice Analytics - Our voice analytics turns audio streams into searchable data meaning with little effort you can search any recorded conversation and pin point exactly where a word or phrase has been mentioned. A digital transcription is also produced with this service.


Speakserve believes that conferencing should provide major cost savings to a company and our best practice guidance ensures you and your participants are using the service in the most cost-effective way.  LiveCall Manager® can be used for one-off calls as well as on-going event call requirements. It is a pay-as-you-go service, you will only pay for the calls that you make. You will not be charged monthly fees or be locked into a contract.

Operator Assisted Conference

How we help with Cost Saving

The Best Price

The Best Price - Simply, we guarantee the best price for any per minute rate conference call service in the UK. Thanks to our state of the art algorithmic data processing, we provide the lowest cost without any sacrifice in quality.

System Requirements

LiveCall Manager® is a cloud based solution ensuring accessibility via all browsers on any internet connected device. There is no additional software or hardware requirement. A participant requires a phone enabled device only, to be connected to the event call.  Proprietary software and tier one networks ensure you and your participants have an excellent call experience every time you meet.

Live Call Conference

Get in touch

Speakserve has created the LiveCall Manager® to take away the stress of event calls whilst providing you with ultimate control of your conference. If you are reading with interest, why not get in touch to see how to transform your next event call with a demo.

Speak to our Event Call team on 0800 980 5155 or email sales@speakserve.com

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