Our Top Tips for conference call users will help you compare and choose the best conference call services

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Hover on a box to discover Speakserve's fix...

Tap on a box to discover Speakserve's fix...

The peril of international calling rates

If you’re a multi-national organisation with teams around the world or a small business with a key client located overseas, you’re likely be making international conference calls on a frequent basis. Dialling in using international numbers can result in hefty charges for you and your participants.

Speakserve's Fix

Opt for a local dial-in or domestic toll-free number instead.

Dialling into the meeting earlier than others is increasing your costs

Dialling in to a conference call early is a sign of good etiquette – yes, but if you’re left waiting for several minutes for either the call host or for other participants to join the conference you’re going to be charged for every minute you are waiting.

Speakserve's Fix

Request our dial-out service. You will enter the call as the meeting starts therefore avoiding any unnecessary charges.

Not knowing who is on your conference call

When there are people joining your conference call it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly who is attending, if one of your participants is still on the line or whether they should be on your call altogether. The need for a secure conference call is increased

Speakserve's Fix

With LiveCall Manager, all attendees can be listed on screen giving you total visibility. If someone leaves it will be displayed on screen. Enabling recorded name announcements upon entry to the call means you will always identify who is who

Can’t recall what was said or discussed on the conference call

Important meetings can be long-lasting. They are usually filled with a ton of important information provided by an array of speakers. Sometimes the ability to distinguish exactly what was said, when and by who can be trying.

Speakserve's Fix

Elect to record calls so you can stream or download a sound file of your meeting. Make use of Voice Analytics to search a conversation for key words & phrases.

Background noise is ruining your conference call quality

When your meeting is of high value it must run seamlessly and completely uninterrupted. Sometimes having multiple people on a call at one time can be difficult to manage particularly if everyone is speaking at the same time.

Speakserve's Fix

To reduce background noise the call host can press *5 to mute all participating lines. Alternatively, attendees can mute their own line to improve call quality. When an attendee requires to speak, they can simply unmute their own line by pressing *1.

Pushing conferencing costs onto your attendees is damaging your professional reputation

With some providers, if you are attending a conference call carried out by an organisation you are liable for both the access and service charges via your own network provider. Pushing all these costs onto your attendees can be frustrating as they are receiving a hefty bill each month, damaging you’re your relationships and the company’s professional reputation.

Speakserve's Fix

Unlike many audio conference call services, our service is centrally billed. That means the costs associated with making a call are billed to the call host only. Your clients will not have to pay for the privilege of speaking to you.

Want to have more control of your business conferencing account?

Are you faced with large conferencing bills at the end of each month with little visibility of who is making the calls, which project or cost centre to allocate the charges to and difficulty in tracking usage?

Speakserve's Fix

Our call portal enables self-management and administration of your conferencing account. With the easy creation of new users and new rooms, each member of staff can have their own conference room, making their conferencing activity more secure, but also immediately identifiable. Call summaries and costs of individual calls are available in real-time, with the ability to add a reference to any call to aid your accounts teams with allocating charges to projects or cost centres across the business.

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