The iconic Addison Lee cars are responsible for driving over 10 million people across London each year.
Inefficient communications network between drivers, office staff and clients.
Between 2,000-3,000 call outs per day, more secure calling, improved quality control and workforce management through the live portal.
Driver status IVR, internal help desk solution for drivers, access to real time portal, call recordings.

Speakserve provides Addison Lee with a highly scalable communication platform between driver, passenger and their head office near Euston.

As London’s largest minicab and chauffeur business, Addison Lee relies on efficient communication tools to ensure the efficiency of their service. With over 4,800 cars in central London alone and over 300 employees in their call centres, the need to communicate is pivotal to the smooth running of their business.

Speakserve were approached to provide a tailor-made solution to improve communication links between office staff, drivers and their passengers, whilst also creating a new platform to check driver status. Our programmable communication platform provides our customers with the components needed to customize their own systems for their specific business requirements.

The Challenge

  • For Addison Lee, the system whereby the driver directly contacted the client was unsound because client information was exposed. Therefore, they required a safer communication link between the driver and the client.
  • Their previous supplier provided a costly system through voice recognition to inform the status of their driver. Speakserve were approached to find an effective solution to constantly and instantly report the status of their drivers.

The Solution

  • A bespoke intelligent IVR was set up for Addison Lee to provide a driver call out system. Along with this, an internal hotline for drivers was put in place with 10 different lines, which allows drivers to communicate with their different departments.
  • Within this system, the driver call out function supplied by Speakserve is a secure communication network between clients and drivers where no client contact information is exposed, but clients are immediately notified when their driver is waiting for them.
  • The real-time portal means that senior staff can view live calls taking place and review data and information about the calls.
  • The call recordings and archiving technology allow for quality control and training.
  • The portal can be used for assessment of workflow, resourcing and quality control purposes which makes it an invaluable tool in a fast-growing, customer focussed business

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