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Web Conferencing

We will help you decide whether a ‘pay as you go’ model or a licence model is the most cost effective, depending on the level of adoption and usage of web conferencing through your business. Speak to us for examples of pricing.

per person, per minuteper person, per month (or year)
Speakserve service charges* per host per monthFREENegotiable based on number of licences
Speakserve service charges* per minuteFREEFREE
UK dial-in local accessPer minuteFREE
UK freephone dial-in, dial-out to UK mobile, and international accessCharged per person, per minuteCharged per person, per minute

*Speakserve charges are for audio bridging, recording, and screen sharing

Improvement of Service, reduction in Cost

We’ve been able to arrange calls very quickly and easily, and we’ve reduced costs. All in all a very positive experience.

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Marco Curo, ICT Manager, SMAB

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