WebEx Meeting Center

Use WebEx Meeting Center to collaborate with clients, partners and colleagues around the world by presenting information and sharing applications in online web meetings, effortlessly and in real-time.


Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation by providing WebEx Meeting Center to every department. WebEx Meeting Center is fully integrated with SpeakServe’s quality audio conferencing services.

Collaborate with colleagues and clients that are remote in real-time

SpeakServe make it really easy to launch or join online meetings, giving attendees the option of joining the audio via landline telephone, computer or mobile phone, regardless of location. Communicate information and share documents, presentations and applications as you would do in a face-to-face meeting.

  • Collaborate with colleagues and clients that are remote in real-time
  • Pitch your ideas and demonstrate how new products and tools can work
  • Hold interactive debates with your workforce
  • Hold face-to-face meetings with colleagues and clients that are spread out over multiple locations

Once you’re all in the meeting, share easily and work together effectively.

Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms

Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) is an add-on WebEx Meeting Center, allowing participants to join meetings from any standards based video device.

With CMR, users not only benefit from high quality content sharing and collaboration, but everyone benefits from a simple and consistent meeting experience with smooth video, audio and web conferencing that can scale from one to hundreds of participants.

To find out more about our WebEx and Collaboration Services, please contact our WebEx team on 0800 980 5155 or email webex@speakserve.com

We use WebEx extensively throughout our sales team to carry out sales demos and presentations. It has enabled us to target customers well outside our normal geographic target areas

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