The Tulchan Group are a leading global financial communications advisory firm, specialising in the building and maintaining of reputations within Capital Markets and financial media. As a company, they have experience in dealing supporting and advising companies in times of stress and increased public interest.

Founded 15 years ago by Andrew Grant, an expert in PR and communication, it has grown to include various specialities. Tulchan Communications, with branches in London and Singapore specialise in financial communications, Vox Media, coach senior executives in handling internal and external presentations or media appearances of significant importance and Investor Perceptions, a sister company, provides independent audits of Institutional investor opinion.


One of the key challenges the Tulchan Group faced was time delays, when handling a customer with a time sensitive situation, the calls needed to be booked and confirmed with minimal turn around. These calls also involved handling sensitive information in regards to clients and so security was paramount, with the need to be able to track who had access to calls and to be able to audit those calls accurately.
Lastly, due to the delay in receiving the invoice for calls, the Tulchan Group were unable to rebill on time, effectively losing money on call costs that would otherwise be passed on to their clients.


With SpeakServe’s browser based web portal, Tulchan were able to book their conference calls, quickly and efficiently, saving time but also ensuring a greater control over who received the call details, for added security. Security was also increased through the option of private rooms guaranteeing only those involved in the call would have access to the room details. With instant access to call recordings only minutes after the call had ended, Tulchan were able to audit calls at short notice. This same level of access was also available for call costs, dramatically increasing their ability to re-charge call costs on to the clients.

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