All call recordings can be transcribed in close to real time with industry leading accuracy, providing an unrivalled insight into the content of conversations. Digital transcriptions based on our business intelligence and analytics service are available almost immediately after the call has taken place or alternatively a human transcript can be ordered and delivered electronically to your desktop in a matter of hours.

BUREAU SERVICE Audio or video recordings of meetings or conversations unrelated to our conferencing services can also be uploaded onto the ‘Call Planner Portal’ and a digital or human transcript ordered.

Please call us on 0800 980 5155 or email for a demonstration of our transcription service.

Compliance for us is key and ensuring the all our discussions are recorded is fundamental to that. SpeakServe offer a very easy way of ensuring all our calls are recorded, as well as offering us a very easy retrieval process, which we use to achieve all our calls locally.

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Peter Buckley, Managing Director – Beaubridge

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