SpeakServe Operator Assisted Calls

Whether you want to greet participants or facilitate a live Q&A session, SpeakServe’s Operator Assisted service offers you 24/7, with the personal assistance of an Operator to manage your most demanding audio events. Our Event Specialists work with you through all aspects of planning your audio event and can tailor your call with a variety of features.

When to use SpeakServe Operator Assisted Conferencing?

Ideal for investor relations calls, product launches, press conferences, company announcements and more, Operator Assisted conferencing has been designed to support your event calls of any size. This means with the support of SpeakServe’s event services team to help you plan, conduct and wrap-up your event call, you have the freedom to focus on your message. Operator Assisted calls are being used to deliver:

    • Marketing – conduct lead generation seminars or product launches to media and analysts.
    • Training – provide interactive training sessions for employees, partners and customers.
    • Corporate Communication – deliver company-wide announcements
    • Investor Relations – execute quarterly earnings calls with investors, analysts and media.

Service Features:

SpeakServe Operator Assisted Conferencing offers the following options;

      • Q&A or Lectured call
      • Operator monitoring the call for the entire duration
      • Participant List or Pre-registration
      • Encore Replay, WAV, CD or MP3 recording
      • Password and verification stages through connection
      • Generic or branded welcome message

Direct Entry

Take advantage of the scalability and customization of Operator Assisted conferencing combined with the convenience of standard conferencing. Participants join your large event conference call by entering a passcode, eliminating the need to be connected by an operator.

      • Expedite call entry with passcodes to automatically allow participants to be placed into the event without the assistance of an operator, reducing hold times on your calls.
      • Use Pre-registration before your phone call and automatically collect information about your attendees as they enter the audio conference.
      • Streamline entry into your conference call with permanent leader and participant dial-in numbers, ensuring that everyone is joined to the event quickly and efficiently.

To find out more about our Event and Collaboration Services, please contact our sales team on 0800 980 5155 or email events@speakserve.com

Communicating with our investors is a crucial part of our business, having a human there to help us run our calls is so useful, they’re always ultra-professional and help us deliver a 1st class impression to our clients.

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