SpeakServe Legal Hearings

Our easy to use conferencing services enables legal professionals to conduct telephone hearings to conform with the audio conferencing requirements of the Access to Justice Act of 1999.

Telephone hearings have transformed Legal Services with increases in productivity due to less time wasted on travel, whilst increasing profitability due to an increase of billable hours. Clients also benefit directly, not having to pay for travel time.

To find out more about Legal Hearings, please contact our Sales team on 0800 980 5155 or email sales@speakserve.com

Compliance for us is key and ensuring the all our discussions are recorded is fundamental to that. SpeakServe offer a very easy way of ensuring all our calls are recorded, as well as offering us a very easy retrieval process, which we use to achieve all our calls locally.

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Peter Buckley, Managing Director – Beaubridge

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