Re-Billing of Calls

Whether you have a requirement to externally recharge your conference calls or you’re simply looking for visibility of your internal use, conference call billing and invoicing can be a daunting task. With many providers still using static, physical monthly invoicing, the ability to recharge or track spend can be all but impossible.

Here at SpeakServe our approach is completely different, we offer real time access to your spend at any point during the month. As soon as a call is finished call details are published live on your statement platform for you to view and extract. In addition, every call is supported with a full call summary which includes a detailed breakdown including participant CLI, access number and location tracker.

For advanced rebilling requirements our web based platform can be seamlessly integrated into any billing, case management and/or accountancy platform.

Main Features
    • Real time billing, never miss a recharging opportunity again
    • Full call summary for every call on the Call Planner Portal
    • Integration into billing and/or accountancy platforms
    • Tailored Usage Reports
    • The Call Planner portal provides a joined up approach from scheduling the call through to post call administration.

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We need to recharge our calls to our client mid-month, so The SpeakServe real-time billing portal enables us to retrieve conferencing cost in real-time, assisting with our cash flow.

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