Audio Conferencing

Speakserve pricing is completely transparent. Unlike any other conferencing provider in the UK market, we have just one cost – a per minute, per participant charge.

It is a ‘Pay As You Go’ service – you are only charged for the minutes that you have used. We do not believe in bundles and we do not believe in extra costs such as meeting charges, bridging costs or monthly recurring charges for ‘rooms’. You will never be charged an additional amount for recording your calls or storing them.

Conferencing should be simply priced so that each company and user sees immediate cost savings compared to travelling to meetings whilst increasing productivity levels in the workplace.

Our low cost, per minute charge includes all the following services:

  • Call Recording
  • Self Service Account Management Portal
  • Wallet cards with conference room details
  • 120 local access numbers
  • Advanced security features
  • Voice Analytics *
  • Dial-out to participants
  • HD Audio
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Digital Speech to Text (STT) Transcription
  • Archiving of call recordings

*Currently in BETA, full service available from July 2017

Changing Conferencing Provider

We are able to provide you with an immediate quote as well as a price comparison if you have an existing conferencing supplier. We will need to see a copy of a recent bill detailing minutes used and bill amount.

Email us a copy of your bill and see how much money you could save.

Web Conferencing

Cisco WebEx is offered with two different pricing models:

  • Pay As You Go – ideally suited to the infrequent user or first time users who are unsure of what their monthly usage might be. WebEx Pay as You Go Conferencing has a standard per minute charge for access to the service of 14p per minute. If participants are dialling in via landline or mobile rather than VoIP, there is also a per minute charge, priced with our standard international dial-in audio conference rates.
  • Licence – A monthly fee is charged per user licence. All participants dialling in to the conference via landline or mobile will be charged at our standard international dial-in audio conference rates.

We will help you decide whether a ‘pay as you go’ model or a licence model is the most cost effective, depending on the level of adoption and usage of web conferencing through your business. Speak to us for examples of pricing.

Speakserve charges are for audio bridging, recording, and screen sharing

How am I billed?

You will be billed at the start of every month of service, in arrears. All invoices are billed to the company details provided during the sign-up process.

Improvement of Service, reduction in Cost

We’ve been able to arrange calls very quickly and easily, and we’ve reduced costs. All in all a very positive experience.

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