Call Recordings for Record Keeping

Capturing good quality voice recordings for record keeping of any conference call, made from any device, provides you with the ability to spot potential policy violations and keeps you compliant.

All conference calls can be scheduled and managed via the online portal, available through any browser. The chairperson can activate a call recording either in-call or by choosing to record at the time of scheduling. Each participant is played a message to let them know recording has begun. Participants who join after the recording has started will also be informed that the call is being recorded. When the meeting ends, the recording is available through a secure link to the online call portal where the recording can be downloaded or streamed. Calls are recorded in the highest quality HD Audio.

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We have a specialist in-house compliance team who can talk you through the obligatory MiFID II and MAR requirements. A no-obligation demonstration enables you to see the variety of innovative products that will ensure your audio and web conferencing is compliant whilst giving you greater operational efficiency.

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