Analysing Content of Call Recordings

MiFID states all voice recordings must be indexed and searchable to enable reconstruction of trades upon the request of clients or regulators. The ability to search, analyse and index each conversation for keywords and topics keeps your conference meetings fully compliant.

Speakserve’s cutting edge analytics technology turns audio streams into searchable data, enabling keyword searches and indexing via topics. We are the first major conference call provider to enable the user with a fully self-service analytics solution for your call recordings. The fully time aligned, highly accurate transcript enables you to time stamp words, combined with a source URL, allowing the user to search specific terms in all the stored recordings. You can also search any recorded conversation, or batch of conversations and pin point exactly where a particular word or phrase has been mentioned, saving huge amounts of time currently spent analysing transcripts manually.

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We have a specialist in-house compliance team who can talk you through the obligatory MiFID II and MAR requirements. A no-obligation demonstration enables you to see the variety of innovative products that will ensure your audio and web conferencing is compliant whilst giving you greater operational efficiency.

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