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With just your email address and company details, we can create a ‘conference room’ for instant use. The conference organiser will be sent a ‘room’ number and PIN (if required), with a local dial-in conferencing number – you are now ready to start conferencing. A company is able to set up as many ‘rooms’ as required at no extra cost. These Rooms might be for individuals, projects, departments or for whatever purpose you choose.

Every conferencing user will be provided with log-in details to the call portal. You do not have to use the portal to make a conference call but the portal greatly enhances the pre and post call administration process. You can easily schedule meetings and email invites to participants containing the conference details. Arrange dial-outs to people you wish to join the conference without having to share dial-in details. The portal also provides access to call recordings, digital transcriptions and analysis of recorded calls. You can view cost summaries for each call in real-time and reference calls for ease of re-billing. New users and new rooms can also be set up with ease.

You can decide what level of security you add to the room. A ‘chairman’ meeting requires a separate PIN for the organiser to use, which means the call does not start until the chairman is present. If you want your participants to start conferencing immediately, everyone enters the conference with the same PIN. It is possible to use the service with just a Room number and no PIN.

Within 48 hours of your room set up, you will receive a wallet card in the post with your personal conferencing details on it so you never have to search for your conference details again.

Our 120+ international local dial-in numbers mean that no matter where you are in the world, you can access your conference on a local call rate. This keeps your costs per minute low, avoiding having to use international dial-in tariffs. All local dial-in numbers are available at

Our Customer Service team are ready and waiting to help you choose the right number for you to call should you need help, they will also give advice on the most cost-effective numbers to use from wherever you are in the world.

There is no limit to the number of conference rooms that any user or account can create, making the service instantly scalable. You may want each person in your business to have their own room or you may want to create rooms per client or project. There is no additional charge for room creation. You can create your own rooms via the call portal or our support team can create them for you.

As soon as a call has been made you are able to access your billing records in our online portal. You are immediately able to see a call summary, reference individual calls for re-billing of clients and see call by call how much you are spending. You will be billed a month in arrears. Your invoice can be paid by direct debit or bank transfer. No credit card details are required.

The analytics tools are easy to use and accessible via the call portal. If you have recorded your call it will be available to listen to immediately after the call has finished. As soon as the recording is available in the portal, you can request a digital transcript and full analysis of the call. Depending on the length of the call your transcript and analytics tool will be ready to view in 5-10 minutes. Voice analytics enables you to search the entire conversation using keywords or phrases. Type in a word or phrase to search the conversation, any matches will be time-stamped, allowing you to click on the exact part of the conversation where the word has been mentioned.

Our conferencing facility is straight-forward and easy to use. However, if you would like additional training or support to get the very best out of your conferencing service, our support team are available around the clock. We would be delighted to offer our guidance on best practice to ensure your company maximises the cost saving opportunities as well as productivity gains.

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Compliance for us is key and ensuring the all our discussions are recorded is fundamental to that. SpeakServe offer a very easy way of ensuring all our calls are recorded, as well as offering us a very easy retrieval process, which we use to achieve all our calls locally.

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