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Whether you are in Sales, Marketing, Finance or HR, web-based communications are now being used by businesses globally as a replacement for traditional in-person events. Online events are now a powerful alternative for delivering information to both staff and clients alike. SpeakServe’s Webinar packages offers a scalable web and audio solution which is ideally positioned to generate increased impact across geographic boundaries whilst delivering a faster return on investment.

Webinar Centre packages SpeakServe’s industry leading audio event conference solution paired with one of the market-leading web conference platforms: Cisco WebEx Event Center.

Webinar Centre allows you to reach anyone, anywhere, anytime, whilst benefiting from the ability to produce Events at a lower cost.

Webinar Centre Feature

  • Combined Audio and Web Conference: Use Webinar Centre industry leading audio conference solution and web conference platform.
  • Q&A Session: Whether via audio or online, our dedicated Operator will be present to moderate your Q&A session.
  • Registration Site: A registration portal that enables you to post your upcoming event online whilst allowing participants to register quickly and easily (up to 5 fields).
  • Branded Audio Dial-In Numbers: Choose a branded message of your choice to greet your participants.
  • Local and Toll-Free Audio Dial-In: Provide your participants with local and toll-free access numbers for locations across the globe.
  • Event Scheduling: The SpeakServe Event team will schedule the event on your behalf and provide all the relevant information for your invitations.
  • Post-Event Web Reports: Receive a report of who attended the web portion of your event, including connect and disconnect times, company name and email address.
  • Audio Participant Reports: Understand how many people your event has reached with a comprehensive report of who attended your audio call.
  • Synchronised Audio and Slide Archive: Record your event for future replay at any time. Archiving is ideal for those who missed the live meeting. They can see and hear the synchronised presentation, including audio, slides and application sharing sessions.
  • Audio Broadcast: This one-way VoIP audio stream can be combined with traditional audio dial-in to increase the amount of participants over the internet.

Service Description

Each Webinar Centre event offers the following options;

  • Combined audio and web conference with Cisco WebEx Event Center
  • Q&A session
  • Event scheduling Registration site (up to 5 fields) & weekly reports* (see Terms & Conditions)
  • Branded audio dial-in numbers / Full global number set for Freephone / ITFS and Local Access
  • Post-event web report / Audio participant report
  • Synchronised audio and slide archived recording

To find out more about our Event and Collaboration Services, please contact our sales team on 0800 980 5155 or email webinar@speakserve.com

In addition to the operator assisted calls, we use SpeakServe webinar service when we need to add a visual dimension to our call. It allows us to easily present information to a wide ordinance, in a concise, clear manner

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