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A managed event call is often used for corporate communications, financial statements and press announcements when you want to gather participants for a seamlessly planned, managed and executed experience. Our web-based LiveCall Manager® tool brings ultimate control to traditional conference calls.

Speakserve Event Calls now provide you with the ability to monitor and manage your important events with ease, no longer requiring lengthy registration processes or waiting for a long list of participants to be put into the call.


LiveCall Manager® runs on any browser, providing a more integrated meeting experience before, during and after your event.

  • Schedule and Invite – Easily set up conferences and create invitations with unique entry details to identify each participant as they enter the call.
  • Pre-Registration Info Requests – Capture vital participation information with pre-registration forms.
  • One click Entry – via mobile.
  • Personalised Greetings – recorded branded messages to welcome participants.
  • Who Joined? – Immediately see who joined the call and where in the world they are based on a private, real-time view of your call’s participant information.
  • Enhance Security – add extra layers of security with Conference Lock, recorded name announcements and Hang Up functionality.
  • Manage Participants In-call – mute, take to a lobby to speak privately, manage Q and A sessions, hang up a line.
  • In-Conference Dial Out – Call new participants or guest speakers at any time during the meeting.
  • Post Call Business Analysis – Play and download call recordings, request digital transcriptions and keyword search the conversation via voice analytics.


Improve Meeting Experience

Transforming the traditional Operator Assisted Call, Speakserve provides the host with ultimate control of who can enter the call, who can speak and who is muted from an easy to use online LiveCall Manager® tool. An expert moderator may still be used if required, but it is important that the host has complete visibility whilst the call is in progress.


System Requirements

Speakserve’s LiveCall Manager® is enabled with our proprietary software and tier one network ensuring you and your participants have an excellent call experience every time you meet. A cloud-based solution means that is available on all browsers and any internet-connected device.



Speakserve believes that conferencing should provide major cost savings to a company and our best practice guidance ensures you and your participants are using the service in the most cost-effective way.

  • No hidden costs – there is no charge for the use of extra features such as call recording, participants lists, branded emails and personalised greetings. Each participant is charged with a per minute rate based on their location with no further charges being applied.
  • Extensive International Network – With 0ver 120 local and freephone dial-ins and dial-out numbers around the world we provide the cheapest per minute rates amongst all of our competitors. Using local numbers avoids skyrocketing bills when dialing international numbers.
  • Our dial-out service ensures that your meeting starts promptly with everyone arriving in the call at the same time. Therefore avoiding charges for wasted minutes whilst waiting for the conference to start.

LiveCall Manager® can be used for one-off calls as well as on-going event call requirements. A pay-as-you-go service, you will only pay for the calls that you make. You will not be charged monthly fees or be locked into a contract.

Get In Touch

Speakserve has created the LiveCall Manager® to take away the stress of event calls whilst providing you with ultimate control of your conference. If you are reading with interest, why not get in touch to see how to transform your next event call with a demo. Speak to our Event Call team on 0800 980 5155 or email sales@speakserve.com

In addition to the operator assisted calls, we use SpeakServe webinar service when we need to add a visual dimension to our call. It allows us to easily present information to a wide ordinance, in a concise, clear manner

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