Call Recordings and Voice Analytics

As conference calls become an increasingly important part of your day to day business operation, the recording and analysis of the content of these calls can be vital from a commercial, compliance and regulatory point of view. SpeakServe makes it easy to record your conference calls and analyse your conversations using our advanced business intelligence and analytics software.

CALL RECORDINGS All conference call rooms can be set to record all calls or scheduled to record the call using our Call Planner Portal. And finally there is an in call option to start call recording in the event that you decide that call recording is important during your conversation. All participants are alerted that the call is being recorded. All recordings can be played back immediately after the call has taken place. Call recordings can be download as a .wav file.

VOICE ANALYTICS Our cutting edge business intelligence and analtics technology turns audio streams into searchable data, enabling keyword searches, indexing via topics and emotion detection. We are the first major conference call provider to enable the user with a fully self-service analytics solution for your call recordings. The fully time aligned, highly accurate transcript enables you to time stamp words, combined with a source URL, allowing the user to search specific terms in all of the stored recordings.

You can also search any recorded conversation, or batch of conversations and pin point exactly where a particular word or phrase has been mentioned, saving huge amounts of time currently spent analysing transcripts manually.

SECURE ARCHIVING Every call can be archived, indexed and downloaded to your environment or stored within our portal with highly secure access for designated administrators. Our secure archiving of recordings means we can meet any regulatory obligations our clients’ have to retain files and provide protected retrieval rights for designated users who can download or stream recordings as required.

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Compliance for us is key and ensuring the all our discussions are recorded is fundamental to that. SpeakServe offer a very easy way of ensuring all our calls are recorded, as well as offering us a very easy retrieval process, which we use to achieve all our calls locally.

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