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Is ‘Free Conferencing’ actually free? The simple answer is NO

For many years the conference call market has been swamped with the promise of free conference calls.

With the use of 0844 numbers, which are premium rate numbers, some Conference Call providers such as Powwownow and Conference Genie have cleverly marketed their solutions as free.

In fact dialling an 0844 number now (as a result of the Ofcom changes in 2015) costs 17p a minute from a landline and over 50p a minute from a mobile. A one hour call from a mobile costs over £30 for one participant.

They make the claim as the cost of the Conference bridge is ‘Free’ but the access numbers you dial to access the bridge certainly are not. The true cost can be found on your phone bill, whether landline or mobile.


These instant services can proliferate within an organisation, with no control or cost visibility by the management team. For frequent conference call users these services are extremely expensive.

What should you do if you are using a Free Conference Call service?

If you are dialling an 0844 number for your conference call services then you can save a lot of money immediately by moving to a service using a geographic number (01, 02, 03xx). You will also have far greater flexibility around issues such as security and privacy, which are increasingly important. Here at SpeakServe, we advise on and help our clients adopt solutions that are completely fit for purpose for our clients.

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