Working together, anytime, anywhere

Creating a virtual work place for your teams, Cisco Spark enables you to share documents, communicate with team members and stay on top of your projects from a singular interface.

With the use of any device, colleagues can join and access at any time keeping up to date with the team’s progress, no more hunting through emails or checking of notes. Spark consolidates all communication in one place, saving time and ensuring your teams remain productive at all times.

With audio and video conferencing capabilities, you can easily get everyone together and communicating, within a matter of seconds.



  • Work together wherever you are, in unlimited rooms that hold all your teamwork. Everything that you share is right there, in one place.
  • No one’s a bottleneck with Spark. When a decision is needed, everyone weighs in and your project keeps moving.
  • Need to talk it through? Video call one person or your whole team. Add WebEx video conferencing for larger meetings.
  • Spark is built on Cisco security and reliability.

The Power of Spark

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