The Client

Beaubridge is an independently owned private equity firm, which was founded on 2008 by Peter Buckley. The team at Beaubridge invest equity finance into residential property developments in the Greater London area, providing specialist access to residentially led development schemes.

Alongside their residential investments, Beaubridge also deal in private equity in the healthcare and finance sectors. They have a strong and highly competent team, experienced in investment and corporate finance, with a well-established network, deal flow and investment track record.

At Beaubridge they offer their investors bespoke access to an ternative asset class, bringing more than just silent partner funding, but by drawing on their own expertise and contact base, providing significant added value.

The Problem


As always in the finance industry, but especially when dealing in silent partners,confidentiality is key. For Beaubridge security was paramount, therefore they needed to know who was accessing the calls and who had the details of room numbers and PINs.

The ability to audit calls was necessary in order to ensure the call security was being maintained, but also to monitor the quality of the calls and the customer handling.

The Solution


Call Recordings


Online Web Portal


Security and control


Audit Calls


Private Rooms

SpeakServe’s browser based web portal offered Beaubridge a high level of control over their conference calls without needing to bring in a third party, such as a Booking Agent or Call Manager.

The user management facility allowed the team at Beaubridge to have full control over who had access to the rooms and call details. This also gave them the option of having private rooms, which only Account Managers had access to. The ability to access call recording instantly meant that they were able to audit calls within minutes of a call ending, without needing to request copies of the call recordings from Speak-Serve.

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