Advanced Security Features

We understand that confidentiality and call security are of paramount importance to the legal profession. SpeakServe encourage you to implement best practice procedures concerning security for each and every one of your conference calls. Our range of security features ensures the confidentially of potentially sensitive information is not compromised.

CALL PLANNER PORTAL – Call administrators can easily schedule and add chosen security features. Invites are then sent to participants with call details and security details attached. Post call summary reports are available on the portal, listing participants with their entry and exit times, call duration and the telephone number they called from.

OPERATOR ASSISTED CALLS – Use pre-registration with passwords and verification stages through connection to the call. Have participants announced into the call by the moderator or welcomed by the operator before entering the call.

DIAL OUT TO PARTICIPANTS – For further protection you can easily dial out to a participant to avoid sharing your access info and restrict timing of their entry.

LIVEVIEW – Our NEW interface available on computer, smartphone or tablet, will tell you exactly who is connected to the call. If a participant is missing, you can add them with the dial-out feature.

TIMEBOUND CONFERENCING – Unlike a typical conference call where participants share a common PIN number, our TimeBound conferencing allows you to assign each participant with a unique PIN number. This eliminates the possibility of uninvited guests as each passkey is limited to a single admission and can be identified and tracked in our online ‘Call Portal’. As soon as the call has ended the ‘Conference Room’ is no longer available to use.

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Compliance for us is key and ensuring the all our discussions are recorded is fundamental to that. SpeakServe offer a very easy way of ensuring all our calls are recorded, as well as offering us a very easy retrieval process, which we use to achieve all our calls locally.

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